This ride over the Interoceanic Highway offers not only nature, gastronomy and landscapes. Its valleys and hills are steeped in history: from the petroglyphs and geoglyphs around Nasca to the stone model that portrays the three regions of Peru used by the ancient Incas to predict their climate and crops for the following year in the archaeological complex Saywite.

Some of these interesting attractions are along the road, like Tarawasi in Limatambo, or even Saywite. Others, are hidden, as for example Quillarumiyoc, the temple of the moon, in Ancahuasi, like the Chapel Pucaorco or Wari citadel with the 17th century Jesuit church in Huallaripa.

It is the fusion of many cultures, especially the Inca, the Chanca and the Wari, but also of successive migrations that have existed throughout the culture and changed patterns of land management, production, religion or even food and clothing.

Still many haciendas of the early days of the Spanish Conquest are to be found along the valleys of Chalhuanca and Curahuasi, when sugarcane was already exported to Europe. Some of these hacienda mansions have collapsed, but others have been kept in good shape for tourist purposes or now serve as schools or public offices. Through them passed many important figures like José María Arguedas or still, they have been witness of historic acts like the first grapes of America that were cultivated there.

Many of the towns and communities that we drove by have a long history that continues to recreate itself these days. Crops are still grown on the terraces of Andamarca, Caraybamba or Zurite and traditions are still born from the fusion of local worldview with Catholic religion. These traditions are still offered today to all travelers interested in discovering them, as the scissor dancer, the chaccu ceremony at Pampa Galeras, the Abancay gastronomy, which includes dishes and products of Lebanese, Italian, German or Arabic origin, or the murals of Andahuaylillas, Huaro and Canincunca, forming what is known as the Andean Baroque Route in Cusco.

Thus, the discoveries on the trip over the Interoceanic Highway are inexhaustible: never-ending new stories and new places, turning the road itself into the destination of this trip.