Concesión Survial: San Juan de Marcona - Urcos

Total Distance

  • SECTION 1:

    Nasca – Chalhuanca.
    340 Km 6 hours
  • Route 1:

    San Juan de Marcona – Nasca.
    86 Km 1 hour
  • Route 2:

    Nasca – Puquio.
    154 Km 2:30 hours
  • Route 3:

    Puquio – Chalhuanca.
    186 Km 3:30 hours

  • SECTION 2:

    Chalhuanca – Cusco.
    328 Km 5 hours
  • Route 4:

    Chalhuanca – Abancay.
    123 Km 1:30 hours
  • Route 5:

    Abancay – Cusco.
    205 Km 3:30 hours
  • Route 6:

    Cusco – Urcos.
    45 Km 45 min

Emergency Call Centre (CAE)

Location: Cusco (Urb. Entel C-1, District of Wanchaq, Cusco) Available: throughout the year, 24 hours a day.

Call Centre: 084-242354

Mobile Claro: 984102700

Mobile RPM: #915848


On August 27, 2007, the Consorcio Interoceánico Tramo 1 (Interoceanic consortium section1), consisting of the companies Graña y Montero S.A.A., J.J.C. Contratistas Generales S.A. and Ingenieros Civiles y Contratistas Generales S.A., were awarded the concession of the tender Comprehensive Projects of the Works and Maintenance of Road Network Section of the Proyecto Corredor Vial Interoceánico Sur, Perú – Brasil. Subsequently, on October 23, the Concession Contract was signed for the Construction, Conservation and Exploitation of Section 1.

La Concesión, which is a project beloning to Graña y Montero in its totality, has a length of 757.64 kilometers, crossing the departments of Ica, Ayacucho, Apurimac and Cusco. It starts at the harbor of San Juan de Marcona, continues until Nasca in the department of Ica, crosses the district of Puquio in the department of Ayacucho, goes on to Chalhuanca and Abancay in the department of Apurimac and, finally gets to Cusco, where the Concesión highway ends in the district of Urcos of this last department.

Toll Units and Weighing Stations

As part of the contractual provisions, the administration and operation of five toll units and three weighing stations along the route section were also included. These had been under the administration of PROVIAS NACIONAL until December 5, 2007, and are located at the following kilometer markings.

Toll Unit Location Department
San Juan de Marcona MKm 8.2 Route 26 Ica
Pampa Galeras Km 106 Route 26A Ayacucho
Pampamarca Km 292 Route 26A Apurímac
Pichirhua Km 420 Route 26A Apurímac
Ccasacancha Km 607 Route 26A Cusco
Unidad de Pesaje Location Department
Cerro Blanco Km 9 Route 26A Ica
Iscahuaca Km 294 (mobile) Ayacucho
Anta Km 930 (mobile) Cusco

Toll Fees

The Toll Fees, established on October 28, 2011, will be charged to all non-exempt users of La Concesión ,in both directions. The following table specifies the amount of each Toll Fee per type of vehicle.

Measure unit Amount in Nuevos Soles (includes IGV)
Light vehicles S/. 3.90
2 axle heavy vehicles S/. 7.70
3 axle heavy vehicles S/. 11.60
4 axle heavy vehicles S/. 15.40
5 axle heavy vehicles S/. 19.20
6 axle heavy vehicles S/. 23.10
7 axle heavy vehicles S/. 26.90
8 axle heavy vehicles S/. 30.70

Toll Exempt Vehicles

(Decree Law 22467, Law 24423 and aplicable Laws and Provisions).

• Military vehicles.

• Police vehicles.

• Fire fighting vehicles.

• Ambulances for Medical Services.


The following services are offered to road users free of charge by Concesión Survial S.A.:

• Emergency Call Centre (CAE).

• Open throughout the year 24 hours a day

• Phone: 084242354

• E-mail:

• Mechanical / Road side assistence.

• Towing services (3 truck cranes).

• Real-time communication system consisting of SOS posts at a maximum distance of every 10 km. These SOS emergency posts allow users to make free calls to the Emergency Call Centre.

• Book of Claims and Suggestions, according to The Internal Regulations approved by OSITRAN, available at each Toll Unit.

Regulations on Settlement of Claims

OSITRAN Regulations

Regulations on Claim Service

Flowchart of Claim Service Procedures

Claim Form


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