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  • 799 Km
  • 11 hours

These have almost been 800 kilometers of contrasts. 800 kilometers as part of a long highway, linking the Pacific Ocean to Brazil, making this road one of the world's most diverse routes from a cultural, geographical and natural standpoint. The road crosses through different areas of life where people live with ancient traditions, and with historical and archaeological expressions, unique to Peru and the world.

The Survial Highway has made possible to connect the two main tourist destinations of Peru, Cusco and Machu Picchu with Nasca, whose culture amd people were able to tame the arid desert of the Pacific, through complex hydraulic systems. They also produced a series of geoglyphs which now have become a World Heritage Site. The maps designed for this long route will help travelers to find all those places and locations where, as explained throughout this website, unique experiences will await them that make the road itself the destination of this trip.